Monday, January 12, 2009



First to the natural, shall we marry and watch a thinking a turning a shrinking of winter. If not a tart shark if not a tracing but a fading my whiskers are someones head full of lint.

What then of the skin, the tanking skin. Nearly but to the trash they then begin ranking. What of the ranking. There was a nearly a hurling of restraint a tanking of shaved beings.

for Mark Butterfield

Not such a melted bird, a tub an empty tub without a flute or the utterance of words in B-Flat. It is the brute on the drum who makes the farm the link and who makes the farm a kite. If the kite is them in B-Flat than why not the butt and why not the lumber that he milks. What of the marble the dirty utter that he claims as turf.

Always again there is melting.

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  1. i don't like the term Steinese. but i like the poems.


    Such cats make barfing a kind of clean smothering. An inside-out bear is not a kind of beer can.