Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jackson Mac Low/ John Cage

1974 Jackson Mac Low, Susan Musgrave, George Macbeth, Sean O'Huigin, and bpNichol perform 5th Bluebird Asymmetry

1984 Anne Tardos and Jackson Mac Low perform Refrigerator Defrosting-Pseudoglossolalia

Jackson Mac Low reading "Our Creativity-Memory Was Wrung, Was It?" from his collection of ten poems entitled HSCH

A performance of John Cage's 4"33" (Cage's question, is there really such a thing as complete silence? Everything we do is music).

1966 Film Sound?? by John Cage and Rahsaan Roland Kirk "There's no such thing as no sound. It's simply a question of what sounds we intend and what sounds we don't intend."

1978 Richard Kostelanetz's Interview with John Cage: For the Third Time: discussion of the techniques he used in "Writing Through Finnegans Wake" and "Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake"

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  1. this shit is amazing. 5th Bluebird Asymmetry blows my mind.