Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Final Project

This will make more sense after my presentation on Thursday

While reading over the Oulipo manifestos and reasoning behind "Rules and Constraints" I could not help but feel my heart leap and skip and do all those things it does when it gets excited. (If a heart could drool mine would). The way that they discuss language, there desire to create "choices" for future writers as opposed to their own literary works is a compelling way to exist as a writing community. Oulipo Compendium is 333 pages of constraints/rules/procedures and I feel compelled to see how many I can accomplish/make into a collection by the end of the term. Any thoughts on this people? I could have more "academic" or critical work throughout or along with if need be -- it's not too hard to tie in the idea of community here . . . .


  1. that sounds pretty awesome. i feel like if you could actually do all of those, then a paper be damned.

  2. I know...that's probably well into 400 poems but. . .

    who needs sleep right?

  3. I'm down with a massive Oulipian project!